About Us

Procure & Build

Our positive, fearless attitude is what sets us apart. We always come out the other end with a superior concept that you can be sure has been examined from every angle. 

For this team of scrupulous hands-on creatives, no task is impossible.

We Specialize in:

Logo & Branding Design  |  Promotional Material  |  Menu Design  |  Brand Conceptualization and Creation 

Design Deliverance

Striving to always deliver projects on brand, on time and importantly on budget. 

Grey Wolf oversees Client Liaison, Procurement, Full RFQ Process, Inspiration and Precedent, in addition to Developing Mock-ups and Final Design Deliverance.

Visual Importance

DID YOU KNOW? Cave paintings are 25 000 Years older than the History of Text.

With accurate communication 

and attention to detail, 

Good design is worth 1000 words too.